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Usually located on the face and legs, spider veins are little, branching blood vessels that are visible through the skin. Caused by many factors like genetics and age, spider veins can be red, blue, and purple, which makes them difficult to hide. Since spider veins typically progress over time and become more visible, it's smart to get treatment at the first signs. To reduce the appearance of spider veins on the body and face, Ohio Rejuv performs noninvasive laser vein removal sessions for Westerville, OH residents. In your initial consultation, we can create a customized plan based on your needs and goals for your laser vein reduction treatment.


How much does laser vein and lesion treatment cost?
Laser vein and lesion treatment is a treatment that will vary in cost based on how many veins are being addressed and how many sessions are necessary to create the best possible outcomes. In your consult, a member of our team will evaluate your veins, their size and location, and then decide on your personalized treatment outline to estimate your cost. Ohio Rejuv accepts multiple payment options and often offers deals on procedures like laser vein removal.

Should I get laser vein and lesion treatment or sclerotherapy?
A laser vein treatment can address veins of all varieties and sizes. Depending on your concerns, some treatments may work better than others according to your goals. Laser therapy might work great for some veins, but some patients might be a better candidate for sclerotherapy, which injects a saline solution right into the vein to collapse it. Varicose veins usually work well with laser vein therapy; however, if the vein is large and bulging, a surgical procedure may be necessary. Our team will work with you to choose your ideal treatment option based on your unique needs and goals.

Does the vein go away?
Laser vein therapy will address the vein using a narrow beam of energy that stimulates the vein and then eliminates it. The laser is very meticulous and focuses on only the target area so it won't affect the nearby skin tissue. Once the vein has collapsed, it takes about 1 – 2 months for it to be flushed out of your system and dissolve.

Where can laser vein and lesion treatment be used?
Spider veins are often situated on the facial area, upper legs, back of the legs, and around the ankles. Anywhere a spider vein exists, laser-based vein therapy may be a good treatment solution. Our innovative laser works with precision when treating the specific vein, so the nearby tissue and skin are generally unharmed.

Is laser vein and lesion treatment painful?
Before the session, our staff typically will put on a numbing cream to help you feel comfortable. Most patients report feeling a brief tingling sensation when the laser targets the area. Most lasers on the market, like the one our practice uses, have a special fan that helps provide a cool-down sensation. This minimizes discomfort while at the same time preventing the laser from becoming too hot, which may cause an injury or other harm to the area of skin.

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